Junior Diplomat English Level System

对象:8年级  请填写:8年______班  姓名:_______________

Do we use a pronoun to replace a noun, a verb or an adjective?(_____________)

A. noun B. verb C adjective

Which one is not the official language of the United Nations?(_____________)

A. Chinese B. Japanese C. Arabic

What is the opposite of “lost”?(_____________)

A. lose B. found C. find

Which planet is closest to the sun?(_____________)

A. Mercury B. Jupiter C. Mars

M-C 6级

1. A________________ she is only a 4-year-old girl, she can read well(尽管).

2. Our English teacher is kind to us, but sometimes she is kind of s________________.(严格的)

3. Their house is s________________ to ours(相似的), but ours has a bigger garden.

4. Please call Mr. Black at 768 – 7792 to get more i________________.(信息)

5. I didn’t really enjoy going out because of the c________________ streets(拥挤的).

6. No one can be s________________ without hard work(成功的).

7. Is he an e________________(工程师) or a pilot?

8. – Let’s d________________(讨论) the plan, shall we? – Not now. I am going to an interview.

9. Don’t play with fire. Playing with fire is d________________.

10. Jacky is going to c________________ his sister’s twelfth birthday by having a party. He wants to give her a big surprise.

M-C 7级

1. Thanks for your i________________, but I’ m so sorry I can’t go. I need to take care of my baby at home.

2. – May I go to the c________________ with you? – I’ m afraid not, unless you have a ticket.

3. He is the best teacher even though he has the least e________________.(经验)

4. We don’t want to put pressure on you to make a d________________,(决定) but we haven’t much time left.

5. His elder brother wants to be a v________________(志愿者) and help the people in Ya’an, Sichuan.

6. – Hello, mum. Are you still on Lushan Mountain? – Oh, no. We are back home. We had a really good j________________(旅行).

7. Can you p________________(提供) us with some information about the computer?

8. He depends(依靠) on his parents too much. He’s less i________________ than other kids.

9. They had a fight yesterday. They should have proper c________________(交流) with each other.

10. In my o________________, internet safety is very important.

M-C 8级

1. The rivers will become dirtier and dirtier unless we take action to p________________(保护) them.

2. With the help of the new t________________,(科技) you can wechat your friends by mobile phone.

3. My parents always e________________(鼓励) me to speak out my opinion.

4. – I wonder where Peng Liyuan is from. – Shangdong P________________.

5. Young boys aren’t good at English. To begin with, they don’t want to m________________(记忆) the new words. Secondly, they don’t like taking notes in class.

6. – I have trouble learning maths this term. – You should pay more a________________ to your teacher’s advice.

7. It’s i________________ to keep someone waiting for a long time.

8. It’s very c________________ for us to buy train tickets now because we can buy them either from the station or on the internet.

9. Lily is a very careful girl. She s________________ makes mistakes in the exams.

10. If we don’t take e________________(环境的) problems seriously, the earth will be worse and worse.