Junior Diplomat English Level System

对象:5年级  请填写:5年______班  姓名:_______________

The boys and girls are playing on the playground. What’s the subject?(_____________)

A. The boys B. The boys and girls C. playground

Which Asian country has the most people in the world?(_____________)

A. China B. Japan C. India

Which is the capital of U.S.A.?(_____________)

A. New York  B. California  C. Washington, D.C

Which animals do NOT have hooves?(_____________)

A. horses B. pigs C. wolves

M-C 3级

1. – What’s your h________?(爱好) – I like singing and dancing.

2. Music is my f________ subject. I like singing.

3. In China, people eat with c________. In the USA, people eat with knives and forks.

4. Kitty has two Chinese lessons on W_______ afternoon(星期三).

5. – What’s the m________? (麻烦)- I can’t find my pencil.

6. It is t________ o’clock now. Let’s have lunch.

7. Amy likes playing football, but she doesn’t like playing v________.(球类)

8. – Is it orange juice or s________ juice?(草莓) – It’s orange juice.

9. – Where is my sister? – She is in the k________. She is making cakes.

10. Jack’s birthday is in F________ and Jim’s birthday is in May.

M-C 4级

1. Is there an underground s________________ near here? I want to take the underground.

2. – Do you like this plant? – Yes, I do. It has many purple flowers. It’s b ________________.(形容词)

3. The v________________ soup tastes delicious and healthy(健康的). Can I have more?

4. – I have a t________________. – You should go to see the dentist.

5. My brother is very fat. He shouldn’t eat too much meat and should do more e________________.

6. I like reading in the l________________ because it’s very quiet(安静的).

7. My cousin Jack is n________________.(顽皮的) He often plays tricks on me(捉弄).

8. Kitty is playing the piano. It’s w________________.(美妙的,好极了) All the children listen to her music carefully.

9. Grandma likes telling us stories. Her stories are i________________.

10. There are about two t________________ and three hundred insects in the insect museum. I like them very much.

M-C 5级

1. There are some books and a d________________ (字典) on your desk.

2. – Why do you like listening to music? – Because it’s r________________.(令人放松的)

3. – How much are those yellow socks? – One d________________ for one pair.

4. – What is your favorite subject? – G________________.(地理课)

5. There is a big river between the school and the v________________ (村庄)

6. Breakfast is i________________ to you(重要的). You should eat it every day.

7. My father is a good cook. He can cook lots of d________________ food(美味的).

8. – Can you d________________ the person?(描述) – Yes. He is thin and has short hair.

9. – Can you a________________ this question? – Let me think about it.

10. Don’t w________________.(着急) I can do it myself.