Junior Diplomat English Level System

对象:1年级  请填写:1年______班  姓名:_______________

Tom has four yuan. Jane has nine yuan. How much do they have together?(_____________)

A. 11   B. 13   C. 15

What’s the hour between nine and eleven o’clock? (_____________)

A. ten    B. eight    C. twelve

Which is the largest, the sun, the earth or the moon?(_____________)

A. the sun  B. the earth  C. the moon

How many yellow stars are there on China’s national flag?(_____________)

A. four   B. five   C. six

M-C 1级

1. The sun(太阳) rises(升起) in the ________.
A. morning B. afternoon C. evening

2. ________ up, please.
A. Sit B. Stand C. Meet

3. Kitty’s eyes are big. But(但是) my eyes are _________.
A. big B. small C. black

4. This is my pencil ________.
A. book B. blue C. case

5. – Who is she? – She is my ________.
A. father B. brother C. sister

6. Look at this ________. It’s thin. Its tail(尾巴) is long. It likes bananas.
A. cat B. monkey C. tiger

7. Two frogs (青蛙) have _________eyes.
A. four B. two C. six

8. The panda is black and ________.
A. white B. red C. yellow

9. It’s an elephant. Its ________ is long.
A. mouth B. nose C. face

10. Peter, please ________ the window. It’s cold (冷).
A. touch B. open C. close

M-C 2级

1. It’s ________. It can climb trees. It’s a monkey.
A. blue B. green C. brown

2. – It’s big. It can fly in the sky. What is it? – It’s a ________.
A. plane B. train C. ship

3. Jill is tall. He is not ________.
A. big B. short C. tall

4. I can ________ with (用) my hand.
A. run B. sing C. write

5. ________! What can you hear?
A. Listen B. Look C. See

6. Look at my ________. They are big.
A. foot B. hand C. feet

7. I have some ________ for breakfast.
A. milks B. biscuits C. breads

8. – ________ it. How is it? – It’s sweet.
A. Taste B. Touch C. Look

9. – How is the ________? – It’s cloudy.
A. year B. weather C. window

10. It’s warm in ________.
A. spring B. winter C. summer

M-C 3级

1. – What’s your h________?(爱好) – I like singing and dancing.

2. Music is my f________ subject. I like singing.

3. In China, people eat with c________. In the USA, people eat with knives and forks.

4. Kitty has two Chinese lessons on W_______ afternoon(星期三).

5. – What’s the m________? (麻烦)- I can’t find my pencil.

6. It is t________ o’clock now. Let’s have lunch.

7. Amy likes playing football, but she doesn’t like playing v________.(球类)

8. – Is it orange juice or s________ juice?(草莓) – It’s orange juice.

9. – Where is my sister? – She is in the k________. She is making cakes.

10. Jack’s birthday is in F________ and Jim’s birthday is in May.